At Mindful Measures, we implement effective counselling and psychotherapy that facilitates wellbeing among clients and equips them to pursue what it is they truly value in life. Our approach is integrative incorporating person-centred, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and brief therapy where appropriate. From small scale circumstances, to significant life events - our services are personalised to suit the needs of many. One-to-One Key Mindfulness Skills Course also on offer. Rates vary depending on location. Online therapy available.

Holding Hands

Individual Therapy

In counselling and psychotherapy sessions, in a safe and non-judgemental space, we work towards addressing your current problems by equipping you with the skills necessary to handle unhelpful thinking, challenging emotional states and self defeating behaviours. You are supported in developing a valuable skill set that helps you cope with life’s obstacles so that you can live a rich and meaningful life. 

Zen Stones


One-to-One 6 Week Mindfulness Skills Course in a

Psychotherapeutic Space

If you’re looking to develop mindfulness skills and apply them to your life events, at Mindful Measures, we offer  clients a bespoke approach within a psychotherapeutic environment. Schedule an appointment today.



For Mild to Moderate Psychological Issues Over 1 to 8 Sessions

Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) is suited to clients who need support coming to terms with certain life events, anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss, single incident trauma, health issues and relationship challenges. EAP brief counselling is also on offer.

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Niamh is thoroughly professional knowing her subject so well through study and life experience. Her mindfulness sessions were structured and motivating. Niamh explains everything well and she brings her special kindness and gentleness to the sessions.

Her follow up notes and mindfulness homework ensured that I put the theory into practice in my everyday life and had a chance to reflect. The meditation links sent by Niamh were essential for me. I feel the 6 sessions with Niamh have made a significant change in the way I think and act. I feel I can deal with thoughts and emotions in a calmer way through using mindfulness techniques. My anxiety levels have fallen. If you are serious about making a change in your life I would strongly encourage you to partake in Niamh's lessons.


One-to-One Mindfulness Skills Course Attendee

‘From the moment I sat with Niamh I knew this was someone I could trust and open up to. I am a fairly closed book – factual rather than emotional so Niamh had to work hard to really get to the core of me. Niamh was very accommodating when I spoke to her about mindfulness and that I didn’t think this would work for me so we moved away from that and started person centered therapy. I was delighted to have found Niamh at a time when I felt I really needed someone to talk to and she helped immensely’.


Personal Therapy Client

"From my very first session with Niamh she put me at ease. She created a very safe environment where I felt comfortable to talk openly about my personal life and also my future goals. Week to week I learnt so much about myself, why I do certain things and why I react in certain ways to environmental factors. Niamh gave me weekly tasks, voice clips and videos to watch which I found to be of great benefit and still do. I left the 6 week course with tools I will use for a lifetime and I am so very grateful to Niamh for that. I would recommend anyone looking to achieve personal or professional goals to seek Niamh's help, you won't be disappointed!"

Lisa Hughes

One-to-One Mindfulness Skills Course Attendee

"It was a very inspiring class. Niamh is an excellent mindfulness teacher with a deep understanding of it. She made it educational, interesting and also fun. I will take all these meditation practises with me, remember them because of how they were taught, and practise mindfulness daily".

Laura Kearney

Group Key Mindfulness Skills Course Attendee

​​"I completed the six one-to-one sessions with Niamh Kelly and found them invaluable. It opened up my mind to a whole new way of living, thinking and reacting. I have such a better understanding of how my mind works and what it means to live mindfully now. I cannot recommend these sessions enough! This should be taught in schools".

Marie-Clare Byard

One-to-One Mindfulness Skills Course Attendee

"It was great! Very informative but simply explained. Very soothing tone and calming speed of speech. Practical examples given and useful suggestions in a very short time - 10/10".

Robert Bellin

Mindfulness in the Work Place Training Session

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