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Learn to engage mindfully with life. Mindful Measure's

counselling and psychotherapy endeavours to help you change your habits, perspectives, and mental constructs with ease.


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Welcome! Being human means none of us are immune to life's challenges. Most of the time we manage to figure things out by ourselves but sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances or experiencing events that leave us feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. At such times the natural response is to look for support and that's exactly why we are here - to help. 


 At Mindful Measures, clients can avail of effective counselling and mindfulness based psychotherapy. It is essential to keep in mind that transformation necessitates participation and investment from the client. Our services are personalised to suit everyone’s needs so we are committed to providing a bespoke approach for all our clients.

Calm Sea

"If we know how to handle the present moment, not only will we live deeply each moment of our life, but we can also transform the past and build a future." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Practice Locations in North Dublin & City Centre:

Mindful Measures, Santry

The Tara Building, City Centre